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Dental Bridge Implantin Manassas, VA

Dental BridgeAn Overview

dental implant secured bridge manassas va dental implant services Replacing missing teeth can protect your remaining teeth and gums from additional damage.  Patients with missing teeth are more susceptible to complex dental health issues. Gum disease, bone recession, and additional tooth loss are all more common in patients with missing teeth. Replacing missing teeth promptly after tooth loss can help to protect your long-term oral health.

A dental bridge is a commonly used replacement option for missing teeth. A dental bridge is an effective treatment for a single or multiple consecutive missing teeth. Dental bridges are custom designed to match your remaining teeth for a beautiful result.

Implant Secured Bridge Vs. Removeable Bridge

Patients will have a choice between a removable dental bridge and a dental implant secured bridge.  Dr. Hassan often recommends dental implant secured bridges when possible for their added support and long-term oral health benefits.

  • Removable Bridge: A traditional removable bridge is secured using two adjacent teeth as anchors. Dr. Hassan removes a substantial amount of tooth material from the adjacent teeth to make room for the dental bridge. This type of restoration may need maintenance in the future.
  • Implant Secured Bridge: Dental implant secured bridges do not require damaging healthy teeth. Dental implants are surgically implanted into the jaw and used to permanently secure a dental bridge. Dental implants help to support a better functioning bite and look and feel like natural teeth. Dental implants help encourage natural bone regeneration and can prevent facial regression. Patients with implant secured dental bridges enjoy a more secure fit and do not have to worry about their dental bridge slipping out while eating or speaking.
One of the best experiences I've had in a dental office. Very professional and courteous. Most have issues going to dentists out of fear but this office and the staff put my mind right at ease!Whitney S.
Stunningly kind staff. Not just the dental assistants, but the dentist AND every one of the front desk staff. Kind of a human anomaly really. They know your name when you walk in the door and even cared enough to recall who my daughter was on her recent visit. We…Stephen K.
I've come here three times, twice for routine cleaning and once for Filling repair (fillings I had done at another office were not done correctly). What can I say this office is amazing. I used to HATE going to the dentist. But the staff, front to back in Dr. Hassan's…Jon
I have visited this office several times and each time was a pleasant experience. The front desk is very courteous and greets you by name and with a smile. The hygienist are wonderful and Dr. Hassan really knows his stuff. His in depth explanation of the procedures are not technical…Rob B.

Dental Bridge What to Expect

Dr. Hassan will meet with patients and help them to determine which type of dental bridge will best support their long-term oral health.   With proper oral hygiene, a dental bridge can last for many years allowing patients to enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile.

If a dental implant secured bridge is chosen Dr. Hassan will coordinate the surgical phase. We offer dental implant services all under one roof to maintain our high standard of quality of care for our patients. If adjacent teeth are being used to anchor the bridge, Dr. Hassan will prepare the teeth by removing enamel.

Dr. Hassan will custom design the dental bridge for a comfortable fit and beautiful aesthetic. Made from high-quality dental materials, a dental bridge can be color matched and shaped to blend seamlessly with your natural smile. The dental restoration will be fabricated according to Dr. Hassan’s “blueprint” and approved by the patient prior to a final fitting.

The final restoration will be fit and secured to your implants or prepared teeth. Our dental care team will detail post-treatment procedures for a quick, and comfortable recovery.

Schedule a Consultation

Manassas Smiles offers consultations to discuss your dental concerns and evaluate your oral health. We offer dental bridges in our Centreville, VA and Manassas, VA area dentist office as a solution for missing teeth. Call us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hassan!

Dr. Nadder Hassan, DDS

Why choose Manassas Smiles?

Dr. Nadder Hassan provides a full range of dental services at Manassas Smiles in Northern VA. Personalized care using quality materials and advanced technology is the foundation of your family-friendly dental practice serving patients and families in many local communities.

Our team places an emphasis on patient education and a conservative approach to your oral health care. Our goal is to serve as a partner in your health care, working with you to maintain a healthy, beautiful, and lasting smile.

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