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Yellow or Discolored Teeth Treatmentin Manassas, VA

Yellow, stained or discolored teeth are unattractive and can detract from your otherwise beautiful smile. Whitening your teeth can take years off of your appearance and improve your self-confidence. Discolored teeth can cause patients to hide their smiles.

In addition to several factors that can stain or discolor teeth, from diet and lifestyle to injury or even medication use, teeth discoloration is common as patients age.

An experienced Northern VA cosmetic dentist, Dr. Nadder Hassan offers professional teeth whitening treatments in the comfort of our Manassas dentist office. Professional teeth whitening procedures are more efficient and less damaging to oral soft tissues and teeth than over the counter alternatives. Dr. Hassan uses high quality, professional grade whitening gels that are designed to reduce tooth sensitivity and other common side effects of teeth whitening. The type of teeth whitening treatment you receive will depend on your cosmetic goals and the cause of your discoloration.
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Causes of Tooth Discoloration

The cause of your tooth discoloration will help to determine which treatment option will provide optimal results. For patients with yellow or discolored teeth, professional teeth whitening trays or in office whitening treatments may do the trick. For patients with dark spots or bright white spots, teeth bonding or dental veneers may be more efficient and offer better results. Dr. Hassan offers personalized consultations and treatment plans so that all patients may enjoy a beautiful, confident, whiter smile.

  • Yellow Teeth- The yellowing of teeth commonly occurs as patients age. Smoking, genetics and dietary habits impact the color of tooth enamel. Consistent consumption of beverages high in acidity or dark in colors such as coffee, tea, and red wine can cause tooth discoloration. A highly acidic diet can cause tooth enamel to wear away exposing the layer of dentin. Dentin is yellow in color and creates the dingy discoloration that makes so many patients unsatisfied with their smile.
  • Dark Spots- If a patient has a dark or brown spot on their tooth teeth whitening trays may not be effective at whitening their smile. Dark spots are commonly a product of trauma to the tooth. For older patients, certain antibiotics and medications may also cause dark spots to form on teeth. Always inform Dr. Hassan of any medications you are on so that he may provide safe and effective dental care.
  • White Spots-  Overexposure to fluoride during the development of the teeth may cause bright white spots to form.  For some patients, white spots can be treated with whitening trays or in office whitening gels. For white spots that cannot be blended into the teeth using bleaching gels, dental bonding or veneers can be used to create conformity in tooth color.

Feel proud to share your smile! Speak with Dr. Hassan about teeth whitening treatment options during your next dental care exam. Teeth whitening is safe and effective cosmetic dental procedure that can improve your confidence, giving you a reason to smile more often. To learn more about teeth whitening treatment options at our Manassas, VA dentist office contact our office or request an appointment online. We accept new patients of all ages from Manassas, Merryfield, Centreville, Clifton, Gainsville, Dale City, Warrenton and surrounding communities.

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