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Common Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

We have all experienced tooth sensitivity at one point or another. However, when you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity on a regular basis, you may want to schedule a visit with your trusted dentist. Consistent tooth sensitivity can be an indicated of a more severe oral health concern. Visiting the dentist will allow you to receive some much-needed treatment.

Dr. Nadder Hassan of Mansaass Smiles offers a complete range of treatments to alleviate painful and uncomfortable symptoms. Dr. Hassan will examine your teeth and gums to determine the cause of tooth sensitivity. The treatment you will receive will depend on the condition of your teeth and the underlying cause of tooth sensitivity. To explore your treatment options, visit Manassas Smiles in Manassas, VA.

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Why You May Be Experiencing Tooth Sensitivity

Knowing the actual cause of tooth sensitive will require patients to visit their dentist. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most common reasons for tooth sensitivity.

  • Consuming acidic foods and beverages: Acidic foods and drinks can wear down the tooth enamel which may lead to tooth sensitivity.
  • Teeth grinding and clenching: Teeth grinding and clenching can wear down the tooth enamel. Patients who grind their teeth may experience symptoms like jaw pain, chipped or fractured teeth, and tooth sensitivity.
  • Cracked or damaged teeth: Bacteria can seep into the tooth and cause inflammation in the pulp. Patients may experience pain or tooth sensitivity.
  • Hard brushing: Brushing your teeth too hard may wear down the enamel.
  • Gum recession: Gum recession is typically a sign of periodontal disease. When the gums recede, it may lead to dentin exposure which may cause tooth sensitivity.

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, it is important to schedule a visit to our Manassas dentist office. Dr. Hassan can work with you to find the right treatment for your smile. Don’t wait until tooth sensitivity affects the quality of your smile, visit us today.

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