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When Should You Consider Getting a Total Smile Makeover?

Having a healthy and shiny smile can offer many health and aesthetic appeal benefits. Solid teeth can signal good oral hygiene and help avoid dental problems like cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss. It can also improve your self-confidence and improve your appearance. 

Therefore, it has become imperative to care for it properly. Besides practicing good oral hygiene and visiting your dentist regularly, you can get a radiant smile by investing in cosmetic dentistry treatments for a complete smile makeover. However, as you schedule your next appointment, you may wonder when’s the best time to consider these procedures. 

If you want a healthy and shiny smile, this blog post will help determine the best time for a total smile makeover. 

Will You Immediately Dive Into This Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment?

Before undergoing a smile makeover, you must have healthy teeth and gums. Your dentist will examine your mouth for tooth decay or gum disease and treat them accordingly. This step may involve procedures like fillings for cavities, root canal therapy, periodontal care, or tooth extractions.

What Dental Conditions Can a Full Smile Makeover Treat?

Once your dentist resolves all your dental health issues, they can use cosmetic dentistry solutions to correct the following problems: crooked or misaligned teeth, discolored teeth, and broken, chipped, or cracked teeth. Your dental healthcare provider can also treat tiny, worn down, or misshapen and missing teeth. 

When’s the Best Time to Improve Your Smile?

Fixing your smile can enhance your confidence and make a better impression on others. If you attend a special event soon, like a wedding, reunion, or vacation, you can consider getting a smile makeover but plan carefully because some treatments take longer. You can also schedule a complete smile makeover before or after graduating high school or college, and it can be an excellent gift from parents.

Moreover, enhancing your smile before starting a new job or switching careers can boost your self-esteem, lessen stress, and let you smile freely. Understanding how cosmetic dentistry can treat your dental problems can help you plan accordingly and allocate the necessary treatment time. 

How Long Does a Complete Smile Makeover Take?

The duration of a smile makeover can vary depending on the type of treatment needed. Your cosmetic dentist can complete simple procedures in one visit, while more complex treatments may take longer. For instance, it’s usually the first step if you need teeth straightening. The time necessary for this procedure can vary from six to over 12 months, depending on the issue’s severity.

Fortunately, high-quality aligners can address most orthodontic issues, and your dentist can fill it with a teeth-whitening gel. While dental implants take time to complete, they can secure dentures and bridges for replacing multiple teeth.

What Are Full Smile Makeover Treatments Your Dentist Can Complete in Two or Fewer Visits?

Although it may not solve all dental problems, a dental bridge can replace missing teeth by using crowns on healthy teeth at either side of the gap. Porcelain veneers can often correct slightly misaligned or crooked teeth and can help with structural issues and discolored teeth.

Porcelain veneers are thin shells custom-made to match your teeth color. Your dental healthcare provider takes an impression of your teeth during your first appointment and attaches the veneers to your damaged or discolored teeth during your second visit. Teeth whitening treatments can remove discoloration caused by external factors like smoking or drinking coffee, but only veneers or dental bonding can address intrinsic stains.

On the other hand, they’ll use dental crowns for small, broken, worn down, or severely decayed teeth. Dentists with the latest technology can produce high-quality, color-matched ceramic crowns in just one day.

Final Thoughts 

Whether attending a social gathering or a job interview, you deserve a healthy and shiny smile. You can enjoy this benefit by investing in cosmetic dentistry and consulting your dentist. 

If you need professional cosmetic dentistry in Manassas to revamp your smile, visit Manassas Smiles! We offer complete dental care services under one roof to help everyone enjoy their best smiles. Schedule an appointment now! 

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