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Could allergies affect my dental health?

Springtime is in full bloom in Virginia. We are all taking to the great outdoors and enjoying the beautiful weather and cherry blossoms. However, this time of year can be uncomfortable for patients who suffer from seasonal allergies.

Did you know that your seasonal allergies could affect your oral health?

While you may not think about your teeth and gums while your eyes are watering and you can not stop sneezing, the fact is your oral health can suffer from seasonal allergies just as much as your sinuses.

Dr. Nader Hassan offers some advice on how to keep your smile as healthy and beautiful as the spring flowers!

Seasonal Allergies & Dry Mouth

Over 500 medications report dry mouth as a common side effect. Dry mouth is especially common in antihistamines, the drugs used to control the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

What is dry mouth?

Dry mouth occurs when your body is not producing enough saliva. You mouth uses saliva to protect your teeth from plaque and tartar buildup. Saliva washes away food debris and helps balance oral bacteria.

Saliva is your body’s natural cleaning agent. Dry mouth may cause you to experience an increase in cavity development, halitosis, and gum disease.

If dry mouth is a side effect of your allergy medication be sure to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated helps counteract the effects of dry mouth and helps to keep your smile healthy. You may also consider brushing more often during allergy season. Brushing can remove food debris and keep your breath fresh.

Sinus Pressure or a cavity?

Did you know that sinus pressure can make you feel like you have a toothache?

Sinus pain is a common symptom of allergies. If what feels like tooth pain develops simultaneously with your allergies, the discomfort may be coming from pressure in your sinuses- not a cavity.

Sinuses are a hollow space in the skull that fill up with mucus during an allergic reaction. The buildup of mucus causes pressure on roots of the upper arch of teeth.

If the discomfort persists when your other symptoms subside, it is important to visit the dentist right away. Tooth decay is best treated early on in development. Dr. Hassan offers cosmetic and restorative solutions for repairing varying degrees of tooth decay.

Schedule A Routine Dental Exam

Be sure to schedule a dental checkup with Dr. Hassan to avoid common dental concerns during allergy season. Regular oral hygiene and frequent visits to our Manassas, VA dentist office can help keep your oral health in check.

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