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Dental Implant Dentist: Choosing Dental Implants

Dental Implant Dentist

Dental Implant Dentist | Are you looking for a replacement for missing teeth, but are worried about dentures shifting in your mouth at the most inopportune times? If so, you should consider getting dental implants from a dental implant dentist. Implants provide a close replacement for natural teeth. They remain firmly in place whenever you are smiling, eating, and talking. You won’t be anxious about them coming loose.

Our dental implant dentist solid tooth replacements remain in place through the use of screws that are implanted right into the bone of the jaw. Your jawbone will eventually grow around the implant to securely fasten it.  It’ll feel just like a natural tooth. This provides a firm foundation for an eventual dental crown that will be placed on top.

Dental implants have an excellent safety profile and historical record of success. In fact, dental implant dentist have been using this procedure for over 30 years. Almost half a million dental implant procedures are performed annually, enjoying an amazing 95% success rate.

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Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Long lasting
  • Provides the look and feel of a natural tooth
  • Cannot slip in the mouth as dentures sometimes do
  • Prevents bone resorption, or bone loss


Properly taken care of, a new implant can be expected to last for the lifetime of the patient. You will need to care for it just as with a natural tooth by brushing and flossing daily.

Mimics Natural Teeth

Our dental implant dentist will make sure the new dental implant will be a close approximation of your original tooth. Every implant is capped with a dental crown to provide a solid chewing surface, that can absorb the full force of your bite like a natural tooth can.

Prevents Bone Loss

If you have gone without a missing tooth for a while, the underlying jaw bone will begin to deteriorate. Known as the process of resorption, this can even cause one’s facial structure to collapse inward to a certain extent. This can make an individual look many years older than their actual chronological age.

Implants prevent bone loss by mimicking the presence of a tooth root so that the jawbone does not deteriorate. An implant also prevents neighboring teeth from shifting into the empty space left by missing teeth.

A dental implant consists of three components:

  • A titanium metal post implanted within the jaw
  • An “abutment” that is placed over the post
  • A dental crown placed over the abutment

Dental Implant Procedure

After it has been determined that you make an appropriate candidate for receiving a dental implant, your dentist will implant a metal post into your jawbone, which will naturally and organically fuse with it over time.

Once this process is complete, an abutment will be placed onto the metal post so that a dental crown can top the entire structure. Your new crown will resemble the visible part of a natural tooth, and give you a firm surface to chew on.

Implants can also be used to provide a solid anchor for a dental bridge that “bridges the gap” of the space left by missing teeth.

Dental Implant Consultation

To request additional information about dental implants, feel free to reach out to your dental implant dentist today.

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