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Dental Office In Manassas: Establishing Healthy Dental Care Practices

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It is always best to establish proper oral health habits when your children are young so that it becomes a way of life that serve them well when they become adults. It probably comes as no surprise that tooth decay is the most common oral health problem found among children. Approximately 40% of children in the U.S. have cavities.

How do you get young children started down the road to a lifetime of healthy dental care practices so that they do not need to visit the dental office in Manassas more than necessary?

Tooth Decay

With young children, the main thing to watch for is signs of tooth decay. Having to undergo complicated and expensive dental work is no fun for anyone, particularly kids. Tooth decay can occur because of the presence of oral bacteria that form a film that sticks to your child’s teeth. Known as plaque, this biofilm creates acids that can eat away at tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay.

When tooth decay progresses unchecked, it can eventually reach the soft dental pulp found at the center of your child’s tooth. This is where the blood circulation and nerve supply for the tooth are located.

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We definitely don’t want tooth decay to get this far because once an infection reaches this point, it is quite serious and painful. Fortunately, by practicing good oral hygiene habits, your child can prevent tooth decay and gum disease. For this reason, visiting your dental office in Melrose is always recommended.

Infant Dental Care

No age group is immune from tooth decay. Even babies, when oral health habits are not observed. One common mistake is allowing a baby to sleep with their bottle, which allows milk sugar to remain on their teeth for hours, feeding oral bacteria that cause tooth decay. To prevent future dental health problems with your baby, you should:

  • Wipe their gums with a warm washcloth or gauze after feedings.
  • Do not dip your baby’s pacifier in sweet liquids or sugar.
  • Schedule your baby’s first dental appointment by the time they have reached their first birthday.

Tips for Children

  • Purchase a brand new soft-bristle toothbrush several times yearly. Allow your child to pick one out.
  • Your child should be brushing twice daily at a minimum – once in the morning and again at night.
  • Limit consumption of sugary snacks.
  • Make good dental health practices a regular routine.

Reward Healthy Dental Care Habits

Children are not born with the motivation to practice proper dental hygiene. It must be instilled within them at a young age. One good way is to create a “star chart” as a reward system so that they are motivated to brush daily. You can also motivate them to brush by offering small rewards when they brush before bedtime or reach important milestones.

Contact Your Dental Office in Manassas

According to the American Dental Association, your child should begin undergoing regular dental checkups by the time they reach their first birthday. Consciously creating early positive experiences will go a long way in ensuring that your child views their dental office in Manassss as a comfortable and non-threatening environment.


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