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Dental Implants Centreville, VA

With nearly a 98% success rate, dental implants are the preferred method for replacing missing teeth. Offering natural looking and functional results, dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, several missing teeth or to secure a set of dentures to replace a full arch of missing teeth. Due to their long-term oral health benefits, dental implants are the number one recommended missing tooth replacement.

The dental implant was designed to mimic the natural structure of the human tooth in order to provide stability to the bite. A dental implant is made up of three-parts that look and function like a natural tooth. A surgically implanted titanium screw acts as a prosthetic root structure helping to prevent secondary conditions such as shifting of the teeth or bone loss. An abutment is attached to the top of the implant and used to anchor a custom designed dental restoration. Dental restorations are made from high-quality dental porcelain made to blend seamlessly with your adjacent teeth for beautiful and highly functional results.

Dental Implants Under One Roof Centreville, VA

Dr. Nadder Hassan offers full-service dental implant treatment plans all under one roof including tooth extraction if needed. Our patients are able to receive their complete implant procedure from the comfort of our Centreville, VA area dentist eliminating the need for additional visits to specialists. Our all-inclusive dental implant treatment plans help to streamline the process for our patients. Full-service implants help to save our patients time, and money, making the implant procedure less stressful and providing more predictable results. Dr. Hassan’s goal is to provide the most comprehensive dental care that promotes long-term stability and oral health. Our dental care team works to ensure that patients build beautiful smiles on secure oral foundations for lasting results.

dental implant model manassas smiles implant servicesThe dental implant procedure is a multistep treatment that begins with the personalized planning phase. Dr. Hassan works one-on-one with patients to create a detailed treatment plan that will address their personal concerns and restore their oral health. We work to optimize the patient’s healthy bone structure reducing the need for more complex procedures such as bone grafting. Dr. Hassan determines implantation location and angle for optimal results.

The second phase of treatment is the surgical placement of the implants. The implants will be inserted into the jaw bone according to the patient’s personalized plan. The implant post takes approximately 3-6 months to fully heal in which time the implant begins fusing to the bone. Our dental care team will provide post-surgery instructions to ensure a quick and comfortable recovery.

Once the implant has fused to the jaw bone, an abutment is attached to the dental implant. The abutment is designed to protrude from the gum line to anchor the dental restoration in place.

Dr. Hassan will custom design the dental restoration to match the patient’s natural smile. Patients may receive a dental crown, dental bridge, denture or partial denture depending on the number and location of their missing teeth. The dental restoration will be permanently bonded to the implant.

Caring For Your Dental Implant

Dental implants function like natural teeth. The implant requires no additional maintenance outside of your regular brushing and flossing and routine dental health exams. Our dental care team may make personalized recommendations for maintaining your dental implant based on your oral health. Routine dental checkups will help keep your restoration healthy. With good oral hygiene, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Dental implants have become the preferred method of replacing missing teeth for their lasting and natural oral health benefits. Dental implants support dental and gum health and help to stabilize the function and form of the bite and jaw.

Dental implants not only support long-term oral health, they can also improve a patient’s self-confidence and overall quality of life. Patients with dental implants enjoy the security of knowing that their dental restoration will not fall out or slip while they are in social settings. Dental implants look like real, natural teeth, so patients can smile and speak with total confidence.

Dental implants support:

  • Natural bone regeneration
  • Gum health
  • Stable bite alignment
  • Facial integrity
  • Prevention of future tooth loss
  • Natural, beautiful smiles
  • Diet without restriction
  • Secure a poorly fit denture

Dental implants allow patients to enjoy a varied diet without restrictions. The durability and stability of the implant give patients the freedom to eat a full range of foods without fear of damaging their restoration.

Removeable dentures have long been the solution for replacing a full arch of missing teeth. In the past, patients have struggled with ill fit dentures that cause embarrassment in social settings. An improperly fit denture can impact a patient’s speech and the function of their bite.

Dental implants can be used to secure the denture for added support and stability. Dental implants may be used to secure an existing or new denture. Patients with an older denture should contact our Centreville, VA dentist office to learn about how dental implants can improve their denture wearing experience.

An implant secured denture can be life changing.  For patients who have been embarrassed by the effects that a removable denture has had on their speech and ability to eat, implant secured dentures can improve their oral health, their confidence and their overall quality of life.  Implant secured dentures give patients the freedom of eating and speaking with out fear.

If you have a denture, ask Dr. Hassan how implants can help improve your comfort, speech and the function of your bite.

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