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Gum Disease Centreville VA

Gum DiseaseAn Overview

Dr. Nadder Hassan, a Centreville, VA area dentist, stresses to his patients that healthy gums are the foundation for healthy teeth and a functional smile. Diligent oral hygiene, regular visits to the dentist, and bi-annual dental cleanings are key to maintaining healthy gums. During routine dental visits, Dr. Hassan will carefully screen for signs and symptoms of gum disease. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent future damage to the health of the teeth, gums, and jawbone. Also, early diagnosis is important because treatment is most effective in the early stages of gum disease. Along with dental cavities, periodontal disease it is one of the leading causes for tooth loss.

Stages of Gum disease

There are two key stages of gum disease, each of which can have a progression of symptoms. Typically, patients do not realize they have gum disease until the later stages, when damage to the gums affects the teeth or gums become significantly irritated. This is why it’s crucial to have Dr. Hassan perform a thorough exam for gum disease in his Centreville, VA dentist office.

Gingivitis: An early stage gum disease, gingivitis is typically easy to treat but may require additional at home care to prevent it from returning. Patients with recurring gingivitis may benefit from more frequent dental cleanings in our dentist office.

Periodontitis: An advanced gum disease, periodontitis can cause permanent damage to gum tissue and weaken the teeth. This often requires intensive treatment to address damage and restore oral health.


periodontal therapy for gum disease manassas va dentist office

Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease

  • Swollen gums
  • Tender gums
  • Chronic halitosis
  • White or red lesions
  • Receding gum line
  • Loosening of teeth
  • Shifting of teeth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Sensitive teeth
One of the best experiences I've had in a dental office. Very professional and courteous. Most have issues going to dentists out of fear but this office and the staff put my mind right at ease!Whitney S.
I have visited this office several times and each time was a pleasant experience. The front desk is very courteous and greets you by name and with a smile. The hygienist are wonderful and Dr. Hassan really knows his stuff. His in depth explanation of the procedures are not technical…Rob B.
Dr. Hassan is professional, courteous, considerate and a remarkable dentist. Dr. Hassan and the staff make you feel welcome, calm and treats you as if you are their only patient.Theresa H.
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Gum Disease What to Expect

Gum Disease Treatment

Our Centreville, VA dentist office offers comprehensive treatment for gum disease. We treat both the cause of the disease and restore any damage that may have occurred. We encourage children and adult patients to visit the dentist once every six months so that we can monitor the progression of their oral health.

Preventive Care & Anti-Bacterial Rinse: If the disease is caught in the early stages of gingivitis then one to two regular cleanings will be recommended. Dr. Hassan may also recommend improved at home oral hygiene and using an anti-bacterial mouth rinse to help keep your oral bacteria balanced. Brushing and flossing and visiting the dentist at least twice a year for professional teeth cleanings can help keep oral bacteria in check.

Scaling & Root Planning: If the disease has progressed to more advanced stages, a special periodontal cleaning called scaling and root planning (deep cleaning) is recommended. This treatment method is an intensive dental cleaning that removes bacteria from the gums. Using special tools, Dr. Hassan will scrape away plaque and tartar build up and removes bacteria from the deep gum pockets where it forms. Removing the bacteria from the pockets in the early stages of development can help prevent gum recession and tooth loss.

Gum Surgery: If the pockets do not heal after scaling and root planning, periodontal surgery may be needed to reduce pocket depths, making teeth easier to clean. For patients these patients, Dr. Hassan may coordinate with a local Centreville, VA periodontist. Gum grafting or bone grafting may be necessary to restore the patient’s oral health.

Schedule a Consultation

If you have sore gums or bleeding gums, schedule an appointment for a periodontal disease screening and consultation. Dr. Hassan offers treatment for all stages of gum disease in the Centreville, VA and Manassas, VA area. We gladly welcome new patients.

Dr. Nadder Hassan, DDS

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