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Tooth ExtractionsAn Overview

Tooth extractions are only used when they will benefit the oral health of patients. In some cases of advanced tooth decay, overcrowding or a severely damaged tooth, tooth extraction may help restore the health and function to the patient’s smile. Tooth extractions are avoided whenever possible opting for more conservative treatments such as root canals or an inlay or onlay.

Manassas Smiles is a family dentist serving the Centreville, VA area. We provide comprehensive dental services for patients of all ages. We focus on providing conservative dental care tailored to the unique needs of our patients.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth commonly need to be removed once they begin to erupt. Wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding, causing teeth to shift and become misaligned. Dr. Hassan may recommend that the wisdom teeth are removed to avoid complications in that could arise in the future.

We offer sedation dentistry options for optimal comfort. Most patients are able t manage their discomfort with over the counter pain medications. Patients will receive post-treatment instructions for a quick and comfortable recovery.

Stunningly kind staff. Not just the dental assistants, but the dentist AND every one of the front desk staff. Kind of a human anomaly really. They know your name when you walk in the door and even cared enough to recall who my daughter was on her recent visit. We…Stephen K.
The best dentist and support staff my family has ever encountered. I have a serious fear of dentists and Dr Hassan and his whole office has treated me with respect and understanding with solutions to my irrational craziness... They have managed my care with such kindness and empathy i feel…Ginette B.
Dr. Hassan and Dr. Mena are fantastic. 100% professional and kind. The staff is perhaps the most optimistic staff I have ever encountered. I didn't even know I had a crack in a tooth and Dr. Mena put a crown on it. So happy I found them.Christy W.
I went here for my first visit. I'm beyond terrified of doctors and they were the most accommodating people I've ever met. They were so gentle with me and never once talked down to me. I can't tell them how much I appreciate what they have done. Since I haven't…Joey R.
One of the best experiences I have ever had regarding customer service and genuine care! The staff is amazing!! It had been awhile between appointments and still the staff welcomed me back by name, Ericka and Megan are awesome! Both doctors are so kind. Most places I have felt like…Andrea A.

Tooth Extractions What to Expect

A tooth extraction can typically be completed using a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort. We also offer sedation dentistry including nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation for optimal relaxation during your tooth extraction. Dr. Hassan will discuss dental sedation options with you before treatment.

If the extracted tooth requires replacement, Dr. Hassan provides full-service dental implants. Dental implants are the most natural and aesthetic option for replacing a missing tooth. Implants support long-term oral health and stability.

Personalized post-procedure recommendations will be provided to ensure your recovery goes well. Most patients recover fully after a few days. If you experience severe pain or significant bleeding, call our office immediately.

Dr. Nadder Hassan, DDS

Why choose Manassas Smiles?

Dr. Nadder Hassan provides a full range of dental services at Manassas Smiles in Northern VA. Personalized care using quality materials and advanced technology is the foundation of your family-friendly dental practice serving patients and families in many local communities.

Our team places an emphasis on patient education and a conservative approach to your oral health care. Our goal is to serve as a partner in your health care, working with you to maintain a healthy, beautiful, and lasting smile.

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