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Our Guide to Preparing for a Tooth Extraction

Are you facing the prospect of having a tooth extracted? Whether it’s due to decay, crowding, or injury, the thought of having a tooth pulled can be daunting. But with a little preparation, the procedure can be much less stressful. 

What Is a Tooth Extraction, and Why Is It Necessary?

A tooth extraction is a common dental procedure that is performed to remove one or more teeth from the mouth. The most common reason for having a tooth extracted is because it is impacted, meaning it is stuck in the gum tissue or bone and cannot erupt through the gum line. Other reasons for tooth extractions include crowding of the teeth, infection, or injury to the tooth.

Having a tooth extracted can be a daunting experience, but it is important to remember that the procedure is very common and is usually performed without any complications. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know to prepare for a tooth extraction, from what to expect during the procedure to how to care for your mouth afterwards. 

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your tooth extraction goes as smoothly as possible.

How to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

Tip #1: Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions to Your Dentist

Before your appointment, it’s a good idea to ask your dentist any questions you may have about the procedure. This will help you feel more prepared and at ease on the day of your appointment.

Some questions you may want to ask include:

  • What type of anesthesia will be used?
  • What is the procedure going to be like?
  • How long will it take?
  • What should I expect after the procedure?
  • What are the risks and complications associated with tooth extractions?

Your dentist should be able to answer all of these questions and put your mind at ease. Once you understand what to expect, you can focus on preparing for the procedure.

Tip #2: Be Sure to Disclose Your Complete Medical History

Before having a tooth extracted, it is important that you disclose your complete medical history to your dentist or oral surgeon. This includes any allergies you may have, as well as any medications you are currently taking. Be sure to also mention if you have any medical conditions that could potentially complicate the procedure, such as diabetes, bleeding disorders, or heart conditions.

Tip #3: Avoid Eating 12 Hours before the Surgery

If you’re scheduled to have a tooth extracted, your dentist will likely give you specific instructions on how to prepare for the surgery. One of those instructions may be to avoid eating for a certain period of time before the surgery. How long you need to fast will depend on the type of anesthesia you’ll be receiving.

If you’re getting local anesthesia, you may only need to fast for an hour or two before the surgery. But if you’re getting general anesthesia, you’ll need to fast for at least 12 hours beforehand.  

Of course, it’s important to follow your dentist’s instructions. But even if you’re not required to fast, it’s generally a good idea to avoid eating a big meal before surgery. That’s because anesthesia can sometimes cause nausea and vomiting. So it’s best to have a light stomach going into the procedure.

If you do need to fast, be sure to drink plenty of clear fluids in the hours leading up to the surgery. This will help you stay hydrated and avoid feeling lightheaded during the procedure. Just avoid anything with caffeine, as it can dehydrate you.

The Bottom Line: Preparing for a Tooth Extraction

If you’re scheduled for a tooth extraction, it’s normal to feel a little anxious. However, there’s no need to worry—the procedure is relatively simple and straightforward, and your dentist will make sure that you’re comfortable throughout the process.

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