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Protecting Your Child’s Oral Health

We want the best for our children, especially when it comes to keeping them healthy and happy. Your child’s dental health has a direct correlation with their overall well being. Caring for their teeth and gums from an early age can help set them up for a lifetime of healthy- beautiful smiles. Manassas Smiles offers family dental services for patients of all ages. We cater to the changing needs of developing smiles and help your child build positive, lifelong relationships with visiting the dentist.

This week we will talk about four ways you can help protect and improve your child’s oral health as they grow.

1. Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth!
From the very first sign of the very first tooth, you should start brushing your child’s teeth and gums. Tooth decay and gum disease can develop as soon as teeth emerge. As the first tooth comes up your child should also be scheduled for their first dentist visit. Early dental exams can help Dr. Hassan track the development of your child’s teeth allowing for early intervention for more conservative treatment options. Early diagnosis of bite disorders can help prevent speech development issues later on.

2. Make Visiting The Dentist Fun!
You can start bringing your child to the dentist well before they need an appointment of their own. Bring your baby with you to your visits so that they can experience and adjust to the new environment. Parents are welcome to bring their little ones to their appointments at our family dentist. By the time your child is ready to sit in the chair for their first checkup, they will feel more at ease and less anxious. Always make visiting the dentist a positive experience. Never threaten your child with visiting the dentist as a punishment. Positive association with the dentist can help encourage your child to maintain their dental health routine throughout their life.

Dentist showing boy how to brush manassas va family dentist

3. Lead by Example!
Young children love to mimic their elders. They look up to you and watch what you do. Making your oral hygiene a priority allows your children to see how important it is to brush and floss well every day. Have your baby with you in the bathroom while you brush and floss. Engaging with them in a fun, interactive way during your oral hygiene routine can make them excited about oral health. Show them how you brush and get them their own children’s toothbrush to practice. Remember- never share your brush with your child- gum disease is a bacterial infection that can be spread through sharing utensils or toothbrushes.

4. Educate, Practice, Improve!

At Manassas Smiles, we believe that patient education can help children and adults live healthier, happier lives. Our dental care team can offer personalized recommendations for improving your brushing technique, mastering your floss routine, and increasing your smile time! We want your whole family to smile brightly for life. We encourage families to schedule biannual dental health exams to help maintain their best dental health.

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