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Replacing Missing Teeth

Replacing Missing Teeth Manassas VA Are you missing one or more teeth?

Even one missing tooth can affect your oral health. At Manassas Smiles, we recommend patients with missing teeth visit our office as soon as possible. Over time, missing teeth can affect your oral health, sense of confidence, and your remaining teeth. Replacing your missing teeth as soon possible may reduce your risk of developing serious health concerns. The loss of your permanent teeth may result in shifting of your remaining teeth, bone loss, and difficulty chewing and speaking comfortably.

At Manassas Smiles, Dr. Nadder Hassan offers a complete range of tooth replacement options. Dr. Hassan works with our patients one on one to give them the personalized dental care they deserve. Dr. Hassan will perform a full comprehensive exam, discuss your cosmetic goals, and determine which replacement option best suits your needs.

Treatment Options For Missing Teeth

Dr. Hassan offers a full range of tooth replacement options in Manassas, VA. The type of replacement options will depend on the number of missing teeth, the location of missing teeth, and the condition of your oral health. Dr. Hassan will spend time educating each of our patients on the different types of tooth replacement options and what option will work best for their needs. When applicable, Dr. Hassan may suggest dental implants to promote long-term success.

  • Dental Implants: Dental implants are small titanium post that is surgically implanted into the jawbone. Dental implants can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. Dental implants offer one of the most natural looking, long-lasting tooth replacement options.
  • Dentures: Dentures are used to replace the top, bottom, or both arches of missing teeth. For a more secure solution, dentures can be fixed into place using dental implants.
  • Dental Bridges: A dental bridge can be used to replace one or more consecutive missing teeth. Typically, dental bridges are secured using adjacent teeth; however, for a more secure solution, dental bridges can be supported using dental implants.

Tooth loss can negatively impact your confidence and your oral health. Dr. Hassan can help restore health, function, and beauty to your natural smile.

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The longer missing teeth go unaddressed, the more likely you will experience further damage. Dr. Hassan will assess your smile and make any necessary recommendations for restoring your missing teeth. To determine which tooth replacement option is right for you, visit Manassas Smiles. To explore your options, call (703) 335-1020 or request an appointment online.

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