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It’s Time for Dental Fillings When You Notice These Signs

Your teeth can suffer damage due to an accident or inadequate dental hygiene. Forceful impacts can cause damage, while neglecting to take proper care of your teeth can lead to cavities. If the damage to your teeth is significant, your dentist will likely suggest dental fillings to help reverse the effects and bring back your smile’s natural look. 

Fillings are like that asphalt patch that seals the cracks and potholes in your mouth to prevent further damage and help protect your teeth. They’re carefully placed in the affected areas to fill in the gaps and ensure your teeth are secure and healthy.

This procedure repairs teeth damaged by decay or fractures. The process involves removing the decayed or damaged parts of the tooth and then filling the area with a material, such as an amalgam or composite, to restore the tooth to its original shape and strength. The filling also helps to protect the tooth from further damage and decay.

Fillings are a great way to address the issue, as they can strengthen the damaged tooth and seal off any cavities that could lead to more serious decay. 

Dentists assess the need for a filling by looking for indications that a tooth is damaged or decaying. The most common you’ll find include:


Cavities are small holes that form if plaque, tartar, and bacteria are left to build up over time on your teeth. If ignored, these cavities can expand and cause more damage. To avoid further damage, your doctor must put dental fillings in the cavity to keep it from getting bigger.

Damaged or Fractures

At a regular dental exam, your dentist will carefully examine the condition of your teeth. They will look for any signs of damage, like cracks or cavities, and note any changes since your last visit. If they find any damaged areas, they may monitor the area over time to ensure it doesn’t get worse or fill it right away to prevent further damage.

When a person experiences a blow to the face, it can cause damage to the teeth resulting in chips or fractures. In these cases, a visit to the dentist is required as soon as possible. Upon inspection, the dentist will determine the severity of the damage and plan an appropriate course of action. If the injury is minor, a composite resin or dental tooth filling may be used to fix the problem.


Tooth discoloration is when a person’s teeth no longer appear white. It can range from light yellow to dark brown. This can be caused by various things, such as drinking certain beverages and not taking good care of your teeth. Discoloration can also signify a more serious dental issue, such as an infection or gum disease, and should be checked by a dentist. If there is only a minor cosmetic issue, it can be fixed with a tooth filling.

Missing Fillings

Over time, the filling in your tooth may become damaged due to wear and tear, an injury, or excessive gnawing. Your dentist can inspect your tooth, identify the problem and replace the filling if necessary.

In Closing

Fillings have functional and aesthetic appeal. These applications enable you to chew and talk confidently as they seal off any gaps eaten away by cavities or caused by physical trauma. When you notice these signs, book an appointment with your dentist for fillings!

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