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Get the Best Custom Mouthguard with These Tips Part 2

If you read part one and are unsure what kind of custom mouthguard to get, don’t sweat it! Here’s a bit more info on getting the best one!

The Process of Making Them

A custom-fitted mouthguard is a mouthguard that is made to fit your specific mouth. Unlike over-the-counter mouthguards, which you can buy at a store, custom-fitted mouthguards are made to order by a dentist or other healthcare professional. 

The process for getting a laminate or acrylic mouthguard is similar in that it starts with a dental examination and a discussion with your dentist to figure out what you need. Then they will take impressions or molds of your mouth to create a 3D model of your teeth and gums. Digital scanning and imaging technology may also provide more precise levels of detail.

The material for the mouthguard is heated and stretched over the mold using vacuum pressure to create a close fit to your teeth and gums.

After the vacuum forming is done, any leftover material is cut off, and the rough edges are sanded down to make them soft and not noticeable. The mouthguard is then ready to be tried on your teeth, and at that point, we might need to make some changes or do more shaping or trimming to make it fit perfectly.

Mouthguards that use a layered laminate material are made using a special pressure machine. This machine heats and fuses the layers of material and presses them down over the mold of your teeth. These laminate mouthguards are more comfortable and offer more protection than other mouthguards. They also last longer because they don’t deform as easily over time.

Some mouthguard materials are better suited for specific applications than others. For example, hard acrylic mouthguards are typically used for general purposes. Still, if a patient is experiencing negative effects from tooth grinding, a softer material may be used to reduce pressure and prevent grinding.

Always remember that custom-fitted mouthguards are more expensive than over-the-counter mouthguards because they provide a much better fit and more protection. It is best to avoid general mouthguards in retail outlets as they will not provide the custom features you need.

Other Kinds of Custom Mouthguards

Some of the most general uses for mouthguards to be recommended for patients by their dentist include:

  • Sleep: If you suffer from teeth grinding or clenching, your dentist may prescribe a nightguard to relieve pain and prevent further damage.
  • Sports: These custom mouthguards protect your teeth and jaw during sports and other physical activities. Suppose you are engaging in any of these activities. In that case, it is highly recommended that you always wear the proper protective gear, including protection for your teeth in the form of a custom-fitted sports mouthguard.
  • Post-Orthodontics: Custom mouthguards can also be worn to preserve the results of orthodontic treatments after removing the appliances. Usually made of clear acrylic, these are worn during normal daily activities and are not noticeable while being easy to remove and replace for activities such as eating or drinking and easy to clean and maintain.

Make Your Custom Mouthguard with Manassas Smiles

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