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My child’s tooth got knocked out, what should I do?

A Guide To Saving A Lost Tooth

What to do (and not to do) when a tooth gets knocked out.

In the event of a dental emergency contact your Manassas Family Dentist Dr. Nadder Hassan. 

In the event of a missing tooth…

If your child loses a tooth in a sports-related injury, or another type of accident, remain calm, locate the tooth and call Manassas Smiles at (703) 335-1020.

Our highly trained and compassionate family of dental care professional will do everything they can to fit you in on the same day as your dental emergency. If the accident occurs after hours, call our office and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Manassas Smiles accepts dental emergency visits without appointments.

Is your child’s mouth bleeding? If there appears to be a severe injury to the mouth, call 9-1-1. If there is minor bleeding, use a damp, clean cloth to apply mild pressure to the wound to stop bleeding.

Can you locate the dislodge tooth? Try to find the missing tooth. If you can locate the tooth handle the tooth by the crown (the part of the tooth exposed in your child’s smile).  Place the tooth in a cup of the child’s saliva if possible. Cold milk can also work and will help to preserve the tissue for a few hours before getting to the dentist. Bring the tooth with you to your appointment. Dr. Hassan will try to save the save tooth if possible.

Is there still root tissue attached to the tooth? If the tooth still has roots attached to it, this could help Dr. Hassan to save the tooth. Do not scrub or pull at the root structure. You can gently rinse the tooth in water, and gently place it in saliva or milk.

Is It A Primary or Adult Tooth? Ask yourself if the tooth is a primary tooth or an adult tooth. This information will help our dentist office determine which type of treatment will be necessary. If you are unsure, Dr. Hassan will be able to identify whether or not the tooth was an adult tooth. Whether the tooth is a baby tooth or adult tooth, your child should be seen by the dentist after an injury resulting in tooth loss to ensure there was no damage caused to the jaw or surrounding teeth and gums.

Did your child lose an adult tooth? If the tooth is an adult tooth, there are options to replace their missing tooth. If the tooth that was knocked out cannot be saved, Dr. Hassan offers full-service dental implant treatments under one roof. We use CEREC same day dental crowns to provide immediate solutions for missing teeth. We also offer patients sedation dentistry options to help them feel comfortable and safe during their emergency dental care.

How can you prevent future tooth loss? Dr. Hassan also offers custom-fit sports mouthguard for athletes of all ages. Sports-related injuries are a leading cause of tooth loss. Custom mouthguards can help to protect your child’s smile from injury while playing competitive sports.

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