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Why do I have jaw pain?

tmj treatment jaw pain manassas vaDo you constantly struggle with jaw pain?

Many patients suffer from tension or discomfort in their face and jaw. A condition known as TMD or TMJ is associated with chronic jaw pain, jaw popping or clicking, headaches, and overall discomfort in the facial muscles. The difficulty with TMD is that it commonly goes misdiagnosed and patients become complacent with daily pain.

Understanding the Temporomandibular Joint

The temporomandibular joint is the jaw joint. One joint on each side of the face connects the jaw bone to the base of the skull. This joint is delicate and is surrounded by a whole system of muscles and nerves. The TMJ can be easily thrown out of balance due to injury or repeated misuse of the joint.

Bruxism or teeth grinding is a habit that most commonly occurs while a patient sleeps. The repetitive motion of grinding the lower jaw against the top causes added stress to the joint and facial muscles. Patients with bruxism commonly experience chronic jaw pain or headaches. Patients may also form a habit of clenching or grind their jaw during times of high stress worsening their TMD condition.

Are there solutions for jaw pain?

Treating TMJ begins with a thorough oral health and bite analysis. Dr. Hassan will evaluate the alignment of your teeth, jaw and overall oral system to help determine the underlying cause of facial discomfort. Treatment will vary depending on the condition of your oral health and the root cause of the TMJ symptoms.  Treating TMD often requires a combination of procedures to achieve a more comfortable and balanced bite. Dr. Hassan offers options for treating TMJ. Treatment will vary depending on the cause of the jaw pain.

  • Oral Sleep Appliance
    • An oral sleep appliance helps to align the jaw during sleep to relieve muscle tension and prevent the teeth from grinding together. The oral device is custom designed to fit comfortably and securely around the teeth during sleep. AN OSA may be reccomened for patients with facial pain associated with bruxism.
  • Restorative dentistry
    • Some patients with TMJ may benefit from certain restorative treatments such as dental crowns or veneers to repair damage or misalignment.
  • Invisalign
    • Invisalign is a discreet option for addressing maloclussion that causes an imbalance in the jaw joint. Patients often find relief from painful jaw symptoms after their teeth are properly aligned.

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