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Dental Implant Dentist: Why More Adults Are Choosing Dental Implants

Dental Implant Dentist

Dental Implant Dentist | A new dental trend is underway. An increasing number of adults are choosing dental implants as their preferred treatment option for replacing one or more missing teeth.

If you are considering having a dental implant placed, you will need to schedule a consultation with a dental implant dentist who will let you know if you make a suitable candidate for this procedure. Fortunately, the vast majority of individuals make good candidates to receive a dental implant.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant serves as a functional and aesthetic replacement for a natural tooth. Each implant is made up of three separate parts that fit together. The first section is a titanium metal post that is placed within the jawbone. The second section is an abutment that fits over this post. And the third section is a dental crown that serves to top the entire structure and provide a chewing surface.

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What are the advantages of a dental implant over other treatment options?

Dental implants are superior to other tooth replacement options in almost every way except cost.

  • Sturdy: Will not slip in the mouth as dentures can.
  • Appearance: Looks just like a natural tooth.
  • Function: Allows you to bite and chew with normal force.
  • Long-lasting: Should last for a lifetime.

Implants Prevent Bone Loss

Aside from the cosmetic issues, having a missing tooth leads to another problem: The underlying jawbone begins to resorb, or deteriorate, in time. So if you have recently had a tooth extracted, or lost a tooth for any reason, you should go ahead and schedule an implant consultation to prevent bone loss. Because if you eventually decide upon an implant to replace a tooth that has been missing for a long time, you would likely require a separate bone graft procedure, adding additional expense and treatment time into the equation.

Implants Prevent Teeth Shifting

In addition, nature abhors a vacuum. If you go without one or more missing teeth for a long period, the teeth on each side of the resulting gap can begin shifting into this empty space, causing gaps between your teeth and potential problems with your bite.

Dental Implant Process

Having a dental implant placed requires a few appointments. In your first, your dental implant dentist will insert a metal post into your jawbone. During the next few months, your jawbone will be busy fusing to your new implant, anchoring it securely. Once this process is complete, your dental implant dentist will attach the abutment over the implant, allowing for the subsequent placement of a dental crown to complete the implant process.

Schedule Your Consultation

Above all, the first step in getting a dental implant is scheduling a consultation with your dental implant dentist. So contact us  (703) 335-1020 today to book your dental implant consultation as your first step in improving your health and smile!

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