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Dentist Wisdom Teeth Removal: What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Dentist Wisdom Teeth Removal

Dentist Wisdom Teeth Removal | Wisdom teeth are the common name given for the four third molars that normally arrive in adulthood. Most people have wisdom teeth, but not everyone will develop them. A person can also have more than four such teeth. In other cases, one’s wisdom teeth may not be visible due to impaction, meaning that they have not erupted through the gums.

If you have recently found yourself searching for the term “dentist wisdom teeth removal,” you are likely either experiencing problems with wisdom teeth, or anticipating them.

Must all wisdom teeth be extracted?

No. All wisdom teeth do not require extraction. If a wisdom tooth has cleanly broken through the tissue without harming surrounding teeth, it can remain in the mouth as long as you are able to maintain your oral care routine. However, the condition of a given wisdom tooth can change in early adulthood. So you must undergo regular examinations to determine if a certain course of action becomes necessary. Dentist wisdom teeth removal.

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What are some situations where my wisdom teeth might need to be extracted?

One such condition is if your wisdom teeth are erupting at a difficult angle that makes it hard for you to keep them clean for the prevention of cavities.

Problem wisdom teeth can also lead to the development of gum disease. If there is not adequate space for your wisdom teeth to erupt, they can impact surrounding teeth and tissues. The resulting pressure can lead to problems like jaw pain, headache or tooth pain.

Many times, a dentist advises their patient to remove their wisdom teeth even if they are not currently having problems. This is simply to prevent any potential, or expected, problems from developing as a result of their arrival.

Are there any home remedies for wisdom teeth pain and discomfort?

Although home remedies can offer temporary relief, they should not be considered as a replacement for a proper diagnosis and treatment from a dentist or oral surgeon.

Here are a few home remedies for wisdom teeth pain that some have found helpful:

  • Clove oil contains a substance called eugenol that naturally numbs teeth. Put a few drops on a Q-tip or cotton ball and place it next to the area experiencing pain. If the area becomes irritated, temporarily remove the cotton.
  • A teabag can also be used in place next to the area that is hurting. Tea contains natural substances like tannins that can have an antibiotic effect and temporarily reduce pain.
  • A salt water rinse may prove helpful in killing bacteria that is irritating the area. Salt water is also helpful for preventing a condition called “dry socket” that can cause pain after the removal of wisdom teeth.

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