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Dentist Near Me for Emergency: Common Dental Emergencies

Dentist Near Me for Emergency

Dentist Near Me for Emergency | It’s easy to panic when you experience any type of emergency, particularly a medical one. Problems like knocked out teeth, bleeding gums, and toothaches are something that most people encounter at some point in their lives. If you recently searched Google for “dentist near me for emergency,” you’re already thinking along those lines.

Let’s have a look at some common dental emergencies so that you know what to do if you should experience one before contacting your Dentist Near Me for Emergency.

Severe Toothache

There is nothing quite like the pain of a toothache. The nerves within a tooth are quite sensitive, easily responding to inflammation and infection. If you ever find yourself searching online for the term “emergency dentist near me,” you should definitely act on your instincts. Pain is an indication that something is seriously wrong that requires immediate professional attention.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are one of those things that can fall into one of two categories: non-urgent and emergency. If you regularly experience bleeding gums whenever you vigorously brush or floss your teeth, try easing back on the pressure to see if it helps.

If your gums are regularly red, tender, and bleeding, this could be an indication of gum disease. This serious condition can progress to the point that teeth loosen and fall out. Although this is not a true dental emergency, it is still a situation that requires ongoing treatment. So contact your regular dentist at your earliest convenience. 

If your bleeding gums were caused by some type of dental trauma, this represents a true dental emergency. Although everything may look fine outwardly, and the bleeding may subside, you may still have experienced structural damage to a tooth, or tooth root, that needs to be looked at. Contact your Dentist Near Me for Emergency right away.

woman with dental pain | dentist near me for emergency

Knocked Out Tooth

If you have a loose tooth, try to keep it in your mouth if possible. Gently bite down on it to move it down into its socket and contact your dentist.

In the case of a tooth that gets knocked out, this is also an emergency requiring urgent attention. You can attempt to place the tooth back into its socket. If it is dirty, gently rinse it without scrubbing it. Remember to orient the tooth into its usual position.

You can also pick up the tooth by its upper chewing surface and place it in a glass of milk or water. Contact your dentist right away, as time is of the essence in saving the tooth. A tooth that has only been out for an hour or so can usually be saved.

The Bottom Line

As a patient, you won’t always know what qualifies as an actual dental emergency and what can be left until the following week. If you are ever in doubt, go ahead and assume that it may be an emergency situation and contact your dentist right away to receive their recommendations. When it comes to “Dentist Near Me for Emergency,” it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Learn more with a consultation today!

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