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The Most Notable Treatments and Fixes for a Chipped Tooth

Even the strongest teeth can be broken or cracked. A tooth may chip or break as the result of a violent blow to the face, a quick slip or fall, or simply a terrible bite on something hard. What follows is a summary of the most often used methods by dentists for fixing a chipped tooth.


To bind one’s teeth together is to undergo one of the most common and straightforward dental procedures of the modern era. Composite resin is formed and applied to a damaged tooth during this specific dental surgery. In most cases, it is utilized to repair damaged teeth, hide flaws, or close gaps.

Dental bondings are typically inexpensive, so consider them if you’re trying to save money. And it can be done quickly and with little effort. The first step in getting composite resin veneers is having your doctor choose a tint that closely matches your natural tooth color. Next, a conditioning liquid will be painted onto the roughened surface of the targeted tooth.

After applying composite resin, your dentist will mold it to look and function like your real tooth. After the resin has dried, the area is often polished to restore its natural luster.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are an alternative treatment option for damaged teeth. In this case, a crown (sometimes known as a “cap”) is meant to cover an injured tooth and restore its aesthetics.

This dental technique has more steps than the first two procedures and is more expensive as a result. The dentist will begin by examining the tooth in question. If deterioration is detected, a root canal procedure might be necessary. After that, the tooth will be prepared for the crown by being reduced in size. It is customary to fit a patient with a temporary crown before fabricating and fitting the final, permanent crown.

However, modern dental facilities with high-tech equipment may produce permanent dental crowns in hours, allowing immediate placement on the affected teeth.

A dental crown is typically the recommended treatment option when a tooth has been significantly worn down. Still, some people may opt for the procedure so they can cover their existing crowns with newer, more aesthetically pleasing ones to change the appearance of their teeth. For severely damaged teeth, a dental crown may be preferable over bonding or filling.


Dental fillings, as the name implies, are used to repair damaged teeth by filling in holes, fissures, chips, or other defects. The damaged section of the tooth will be removed, cleaned, and sealed using a filling during this procedure.

The process is straightforward, albeit the associated prices could differ depending on the specific filler materials you choose to have utilized. Fillings can be made of composite resin, porcelain, silver amalgam, or even gold. Non-metal fillings for teeth are now available at some dental offices and are as long-lasting as their metal counterparts.

Root Canal Treatment

A root canal is unnecessary for a chipped tooth. However, when the damage is serious enough, the dental pulp located in the center of the tooth may become exposed and contaminated by germs. As a result, you may have pain, sensitivity, and even swelling in your gums and teeth. A root canal procedure may be suggested by your dentist in this case.

First, the dentist will take an x-ray to see how bad the tooth is in general. After determining the severity of the illness, the dentist will numb the area and make a tiny hole in the tooth to extract the diseased pulp. After that’s finished, the area will be filled or otherwise sealed.


Indeed, there are many treatments and fixes for a chipped tooth. One of the most common treatments is tooth restoration. This involves repairing or replacing the chipped tooth with a restored tooth. There are also a variety of other fixes, such as a filling or a crown. It is important to seek professional help if a chipped tooth is causing pain or affecting your oral health.

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