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9 Reasons Why You Need a Dental Crown Instead of a Filling

Are you dreading a trip to the dentist? If you’re dealing with a cavity, you may be hoping for a quick fix. A filling is usually the go-to solution, but sometimes a dental crown is the better option.

Having a dental crown placed over a damaged or decayed tooth can help restore your smile and keep it healthy for many years to come. While a dental filling may seem like a more affordable and less involved option, there are several advantages to choosing a dental crown instead. Let’s explore seven reasons why you need a dental crown instead of a filling.

What Is a Dental Crown

Dental crowns are a great way to restore the strength and appearance of a damaged tooth. A crown is essentially a ‘cap’ that is placed over the existing tooth to restore its shape, size and strength. Crowns are usually used when a filling is not sufficient enough to restore the tooth.

Dental crowns are a popular and effective way to restore damaged teeth. They provide a more natural-looking and longer-lasting solution than fillings, which makes them the preferred choice for many dental treatments.

Here are seven reasons why you need a dental crown instead of a filling:

1. Durability: Dental crowns are made from porcelain or ceramic, making them highly durable and long-lasting. While a dental filling may last for up to 10 years, a dental crown can last up to 15 years or more.

2. Protection: Dental crowns provide protection for the weakened tooth structure. A dental crown covers the entire tooth, protecting it from further decay or damage.

3. Appearance: Dental crowns look just like natural teeth and blend in with your other teeth. A dental crown can also be used to improve the overall appearance of a tooth that is stained or discolored or has misshapen or chipped edges.

4. Strength: Dental crowns are strong and provide additional strength to the weakened tooth. This can help prevent further damage and ensure that the tooth is able to withstand the regular wear and tear of daily chewing.

5. Prevention: A dental crown can help prevent the need for a root canal. If a tooth has extensive decay, a dental crown can be placed to cover the decayed area and prevent bacteria from entering the inner chamber of the tooth and causing an infection.

6. Cost: Although the upfront cost of a dental crown may be more expensive than a filling, it is important to consider the long-term costs. Dental crowns are more durable and long-lasting, so you won’t need to replace them as often. This can save you money in the long run.

7. Comfort: Unlike fillings, dental crowns are custom-made to fit your tooth and provide a comfortable fit. A dental crown can also help reduce sensitivity and pain in the affected tooth, making it easier to eat and speak.

8. Size: A filling is designed to repair a small, localized area of your teeth, while a crown is designed to cover the entire tooth. This means a crown is more suitable for larger cavities or those who have weak enamel. If the cavity is too big for a filling, then a crown is the way to go.

9. Discoloration: Fillings are made from composite material, which can easily discolor over time. A crown, on the other hand, is made from porcelain or metal, and it’s more resistant to discoloration. This means your crown will look good for years to come.


It is clear that getting a crown is the better alternative compared to getting a filling. Dental crowns may be a bit more expensive than fillings, but they offer superior protection and last much longer, making them well worth the investment. Fillings can be a great temporary solution for minor damage, but for serious cases, it’s better to go for the crown. So the next time you’re deciding between a dental crown or a filling, remember that it’s always better to go for the crown –it’s like the crown jewel of dental treatments!

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